Ideas 24 has collected for you the most original and cute accessories that you will definitely like.

Car phone holder

This is not an ordinary accessory, but a thing that will bring a smile and pleasant emotions. The holder is made in the form of a panda and is suitable for a phone with a screen diagonal of 4-6 inches.

Cute and funny car phone holder / AliExpress Photo

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phone stand

A universal thing that can be used not only in the car, but also at home. With the original holder, you can watch movies, read books or make video calls.

The original holder in the form of a spider / AliExpress Photo

Cat holder

The holder in the form of one or more cats is a non-standard option for convenient location and fixation of a tablet, e-book or phone.

Photo AliExpress

Case in the form of your favorite cartoon or TV series characters

A case is more than just protecting your phone. It is also an element of your style and image. If you want to look bright – this case is for you.

Practical, bright and original thing / Photo mermaidcase

Charger without cable

The invention you’ve been dreaming about is a device that allows you to charge your phone without plugging a cable into a special “jack” on your phone. One has only to put the phone on a special device – and voila – the charging process has begun.

mob mobile photo

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Fantasy with a stylus

If you are not comfortable using the phone with two hands and you need a stylus, here is the original version of this accessory. With him, your life will not be the same as before.

Original stylus / Photo by mob-mobile

Clip for wired headphones

If you are a supporter of wired headphones, then you constantly have the problem of disentangling them. This accessory will definitely make your life easier and save time.

Non-standard clip for wired headphones / AliExpress Photo

Popsocket in the form of cartoon characters

Popsocket is a universal phone holder. It can also be used as a stand. Practical, cute, bright. Wouldn’t you like to have such an accessory?

Original holder-stand / Photo Case-place

Breathing Charger

If your phone turns off and you need to “charge” it, use a special charger. All you need for this is a special accessory and … your breath.

mob mobile photo

Sixth Sense

This is how you can call the most original and unusual accessory for the phone, which, when scanning a substance, can determine its composition. In addition, the scanner determines the level of ripeness of fruits and the level of moisture in the ground.

Molecular scanner / Photo by mob-mobile