Ideas 24 advise you to devote more time to the design of the kitchen, because this room deserves careful decoration.

1. Stocks of products in a visible place

All vegetables need to be hidden in special lockers, and it is better to arrange fruits in beautiful plates or hide them in the refrigerator. Do not leave these products in bags on the table, on the microwave or on the cabinet.

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2. Furniture with open legs

If all the furniture in your kitchen stands so that you can see the legs, this is the second sign that this room may be uncomfortable. If special planks were not included with the kitchen furniture, order them additionally.

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3. Colored and damaged chopping boards

It is believed that in the kitchen as a whole there should be two boards: for meat and vegetables. If you are more of a fan, no problem. However, note that it is better to buy boards of the same color then. Yes, they will come in different sizes, but it will be a set that will fit well into your kitchen.

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4. A large number of things on the microwave or open shelves

Don’t store towels, dishes, or food in the microwave or on open shelves. First, it looks unaesthetic. Secondly, it may sooner or later have a bad effect on technology. Thirdly, if you just need to store things in this particular place, put them in special boxes or cases.

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5. Universal towels

Do not use the same kitchen towel for dishes, pots, tables, and the like. It is better if there are several different ones. So that you can understand which towel is intended for what.

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6. Various plates and bowls for pets

Do not use different plates or other utensils for animal feeding. It is better to purchase one container, which has two compartments: for water and food. These special pet utensils will add a little more comfort to your kitchen.

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7. Open ventilation pipe

This is an element that gets dirty often and is difficult to clean at the same time. If you do not want to wipe the ventilation pipe every day, and also, if you want your kitchen to be as comfortable as possible, “close” the pipe with a special shelf, which is part of the kitchen furniture.

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8. Containers

Containers in the kitchen are an indispensable thing. They are especially necessary for bulk products. All containers must be the same color and shape.

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9. Potholders and mittens

If you’re a fan of cloth mittens or potholders, remember to wash and renew them periodically. Alternatively, you can purchase a special set of silicone “tacks”. They don’t need to be washed, just washed. In addition, they are longer lasting.

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10. Broken appliances

If your slow cooker, toaster, coffee maker, or any other appliance is broken, do not hesitate and repair it. If these appliances are beyond repair, try selling them for parts or throw them away. Do not store unused items in the kitchen.

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11. Tea bags

Don’t leave used tea bags on your desk, near the sink, or in a cup. Either throw them away, or use a special ceramic stand. It looks more aesthetic.

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12. Appliances on the windowsill

Do not put a microwave, coffee maker, toaster or any other appliances on the windowsill. Firstly, it is not aesthetically pleasing, and secondly, it threatens your devices. Condensation can form on equipment from temperature differences. Such a phenomenon will sooner or later disable any electrical appliance.

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13. Scattered sponges and washcloths

Nowadays, you can buy anything. A thing in which you can “hide” sponges is quite inexpensive. Get it and you will add some beauty to your washbasin.

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14. Detergent jars

Washing dishes is impossible without the use of detergents. It is enough to use an unaesthetic container. Get a special jar that will fit well into your interior.

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