Idea 24 talks about simple things that have undergone ingenious changes. You will be amazed at such a cool improvement.

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1. A carton of milk that shows the liquid level

An interesting solution that helps to determine how much milk is left.

Box with level / Photo genial

2. A room with a labyrinth ceiling

The labyrinth on the ceiling is very creative and will definitely not let you get bored. In addition, it is gymnastics for the eyes, which is useful.

Labyrinth ceiling / Photo by vocesabia​

Source 3The fly swatter that gives every fly a last chance at life

Fly swatter / Photo by barnorama

4. Chairs-ottomans in the form of hamburgers

Strange chairs / Photo by klikabol

5. Cane in the form of a saw

Cane / Photo by minilua

6. Chocolate spoon for delicious sweet breakfasts

Kids will love this spoon! It can stir warm milk, for example.

Chocolate spoon / Photo pinterest

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7. Original brewery handles

Handles to the door / Photo by art.branipick​Photo by art.branipick

8. A giant earpiece that can become a speaker

Headphone-column / Photo vocesabia

9. The original bike rack in the form of a dog

This bike rack is definitely not to be missed.

Bicycle rack / Photo by egyhelyen

10. Ashtray at the airport

An airport ashtray is like a cigarette.

Ashtray in the shape of a cigarette / Photo pinterest

11. Washbasin, in which you need to open the tap with your knee

During the COVID-19 pandemic, such a washbasin is very relevant.

You can open and close the faucet with your knee / Photo by genialne

12. Space for “parking” skateboards

In order not to constantly carry a skateboard with you, they came up with such a parking space.

Special parking for skateboards / Photo by klikabol

13. A container that can be used to add salt and ground pepper at the same time

Using this device – you need to be careful / Photo barnorama

14. Battery with shelves for heating food

Batteries can be used to heat food / Photo pinterest

15. Case in the form of lavash

An interesting pencil case that looks exactly like pita bread.

Penal-lavash / Photo by klikabol