Ideas 24 has put together a selection of versatile gifts for you that every cat will love. Choosing a gift will not take you much time, and your furry friend will definitely be grateful to you.

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1. Bed with original design

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2. Original feather toy

The feather can be removed at any time, so do what your cat likes best.

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3. Interactive laser

Not only cool, but also useful toy. Thanks to her, the cat will be active, because it will constantly run, which will positively affect his health.

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4. “Scheme” for cats

If your family has more than one pet, you will definitely need such a thing. You can play with it, because it is very light, or sleep, curled up in a ball.

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5. Hammock, which is fixed on the battery

All cats love warm places, so they often live on the battery. Fix such a hammock for your pet and he will never get off of it.

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6. “Claws” with stands

Perhaps you already have such a thing, but it can always be improved. If you haven’t purchased yet, now is the time to do so.

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7. Leash

Thanks to this gift, now you can walk with your friend in the fresh air.

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8. Tiered ball toy

You can play with both the main toy and the balls that are included in the set.

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9. Soft, comfortable and warm pouffe chair

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10. Feed machine

A universal thing that every cat will appreciate. When the cat’s bowl is empty, the machine will pour a portion of food on its own. Thanks to this gift, your cat will not wake you up at six o’clock so that you feed him.

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11. Original “scratching posts”

Outwardly, it resembles the texture of a rug, so the cat will gladly start his favorite business, but not on your new carpet in the living room.

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12. Minifountain with water

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13. Interactive mouse

The toy moves quickly and has a “tail” in the form of a feather, which even more attracts cats.

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14. Suit

If your cat likes walks or is constantly cold, get him a stylish suit, overalls or blouse.

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15. House

Your cat should have a favorite corner in the apartment. Why not make it cozy?

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16. Massager

A great item that all cats will love. But be careful, because your friend may forget about you for a while.

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17. Tunnel bed

Cats love various tunnels, so they will definitely like this gift. You can play in the tunnel, and then immediately go to bed to sleep.

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18. Combing brush

A gift not only for your friend, but also for you, because now you do not have to remove the hair of a fluffy pet from the carpets for a long time.

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19. Puzzle toy

A toy that will make cats not only play, but also cheat in order to get the food that the puzzle gives out.

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20. A gift for health

The best gift for your friend is health. Therefore, periodically arrange for him a trip to the veterinarian, as well as cosmetic procedures that your pet likes the most.

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