If there are close people in your environment who are familiar with remote work, you can please them with an appropriate cool gift. Ideas 24 will help you with this, because we have already made a selection of such surprises for you.

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1. Headphones

If a person who works remotely does not live alone, but with parents, friends, children, such a gift is ideal, because it helps to get rid of extraneous noise and concentrate on work.

headphone photo

2. Home office chair

Each employee should have the most comfortable workplace, regardless of where he performs his duties – in the office or at home. A comfortable chair will not only give comfort, but also take care of the health of your loved ones.

jysk photo

3. Fitness tracker

Remote workers are most concentrated on their duties, so they can sit at work for quite a long time. In order for a healthy person to have no back problems, he should ideally slightly stretch his body for at least a few minutes every hour. The fitness tracker will constantly remind you of the need for physical activity.

Photo itc.ua

4. Planner Notebook

A dated notebook is a universal gift, so when choosing one, pay attention to what your loved one loves. It can have a very different design.

woodpresent photo

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5. Table lamp

Additional lighting is needed for those workers who have sufficiently detailed work. However, the lamps are different. Surprise not only with the original thing. Choose a unique lamp that will have a stylish design and will fit well into your home office interior.

homemyhome photos

6. Heated cup

While working at home, your friends definitely drink tea or coffee during the day. But chances are they might get so engrossed in work that they forget about their drink. Such a gift will help to keep the hot temperature of tea or coffee for several hours.

Ichehol Photos

7. Aroma lamp

The working atmosphere should be pleasant, so such a gift will help you tune in to the positive, relax and fully “get involved” in the work.

Photo japantrendshop

8. Desktop Organizer

A practical thing that can accommodate various folders, documents, notebooks and stationery.

photo popsugar

9. Laptop

An essential attribute for remote work. Quite a worthwhile gift, but you give it infrequently. Truth?

photo vdalo

10. Computer mouse

As a rule, such a thing in a remote worker should be. However, you can choose the original product. For example, a wireless mouse on a finger.

comfy photo

11. Books for freelancers

Such a gift can inspire or teach a freelancer. Something useful and educational.

photo starylev

12. Bluetooth speaker

Not all employees are fully focused on work. Some people like to listen to “light” and relaxing music. Such a column does not require large expenses, but there is a fairly practical gift.

Photo edman-news

13. Gift cards or certificates

Such a gift is universal for everyone. Everyone wants to relax and unwind, especially a person who has been sitting at home all day and did not even go outside.

photo royal-present

14. Sandwich Maker

It’s a paradox, but people who work at home don’t always have time to eat, let alone cook something complicated. Therefore, a sandwich maker is a good kitchen gift. Especially if it has multiple functions.

Photo superdiskont

15. Wireless charger

A thing that helps to charge your phone, watch, headphones without any cables. The most useful gift.

Photo tmginfo

16. Original cleaning and polishing device for phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

A reusable thing that will not only make the screen shiny, but also clean it of germs.

comfy photo

17. Table for laptop

A practical thing that can have a different design, so think about which option is better to choose, which color the future owner will like the most.

Photo vmk-furniture

18. Laptop stand

Portable item that can be used anywhere. Especially if a freelancer can work in transport or in a park.

aliexpress photo

19. Plants in pots

It’s useful and so pretty. However, choose original options with a beautiful pot.

Photo youngnews

20. Succulents

For those who love plant aesthetics, but do not like to take care of flowerpots.

weiling photo

21. Motivating or just nice phrases on the poster, decorated in the style of a picture in a frame

Original, budget, motivating.

photo daydreamer

22. Desk calendar

Some believe that this version of the gift has “outlived” its own. But it’s not. You just need to choose an original and unusual option.

photo besplatka

23. Massage cushion

Original, but practical and useful gift. Especially for those who work all day.

photo wildberries

24. Cup holder

A useful thing for those who have a small desktop. If your friend has a desk that can only fit a laptop, a few sheets of paper, and a mouse, then this is the perfect gift.

Photo newsneednews

25. Mouse pad

A budget option, but you can choose a rug with an original design or even a motivating inscription.

miot photo

26. Hammock or footstool

Isn’t it an original gift? Your friends will be amazed by such creativity.

Photo bazar.babyblog

27. Coffee maker

For avid coffee lovers who do not have the opportunity or time during the day to go to a cafe and buy a quality aromatic drink.

comfy photo

28. Plaid

This is especially true during the cold season. Be sure to find not only high-quality, but also pleasant to the body and stylish plaid. Depending on the gift recipient’s sense of humor, you can purchase a blanket in the form of pizza, pita bread, donuts, and the like.

amazon photo

29. Humidifier

A humidifier is a useful thing that affects the productivity of work. Take this gift seriously.

Photo stroy-podskazka

30. Quality glasses for working at a computer

You can’t think of a better thing. This can affect health, so be careful when choosing.