Therefore, Ideas 24 has prepared tips to help you get rid of bad habits in order to enjoy life.

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1. Use your smartphone before bed

This habit is detrimental to health. After all, the light emanating from the smartphone screen interferes with the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This can lead to insomnia, vision problems, obesity.

Better read a book at night / Photo by pixabay

2. Blaming yourself for the past

We all regret the past sometimes. But the way we think and analyze our actions affects our future.

By saying “I could have done this…” you are blaming yourself for missed opportunities. Saying “I had to do this …”, you are blaming yourself for the lack of knowledge and experience that could correct the situation.

Such thoughts paint a picture of a bright but unrealistic future. Instead, focus on what is good in your real life. Instead of “What if …” say to yourself: “Next time I will definitely …”

Do not delve into the past / Photo by pixabay

3. Agree with everything

We are always afraid to miss something, not to be in time somewhere. Therefore, we often say “yes”, even if we are not completely sure of the correctness of our decision.

Of course, being able to get off the ground and go on an adventure is a good trait. You just need to prioritize and remember what’s important to you and not to anyone else.

Do not try to be good for everyone / Photo by pixabay

4. Not keeping promises

Many of us keep our word to others, but somehow forget about ourselves. We promise ourselves to start running, eat right, take care of our health, change jobs, and much more. At this moment, we emotionally have already reached the goal, so we throw it at the very beginning. We gradually get used to it and lose control of our own mind.

To break this habit, reward yourself for every goal you achieve, for every promise you keep.

First of all, pay attention to yourself / Photo by pixabay