That is why Ideas 24 has compiled a selection of such myths to debunk them and help you get closer to your dreams.

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1. Constant goal

There is an opinion that if a person has planned something, then he must persistently go towards this and not change his goal. But this is the wrong decision. In fact, the goal should be “flexible”. In the process of achieving goals, your environment changes, your conditions around you change. Accordingly, your priorities, plans and dreams may change.

Any goal can have many options to achieve it / Photo by timesofindia

2. “Small” goals

It is believed that goals should be “large-scale”. That is, if you plan something, then for 10 years, if you dream about something, then only about something fantastic and unlikely. However, you should not only set long-term goals for yourself. “Small” plans for the near future are also important. After all, in these 10 years you are able to achieve millions of seemingly insignificant goals. They, in turn, can change your “big” goal..

Journey is the perfect “small” destination / Photo by unsplash

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3. Everything will start from Monday

Popular is the statement that it is better to start something important from Monday or from the New Year. But it’s not. Everything works in reverse. You are simply confident in the magic of New Year’s fabulousness or relaxed on a Sunday weekend. It is worth planning everything on any working day. Then you are in good shape, tuned in to physical or brain work and, accordingly, the formation of goals is more realistic.

Don’t Always Set Your Goals on Monday or December 31st good idea / Freepik photo

4. Can the goal be only practical?

When you dream about something, it seems to be about specific achievements that your environment can see. However, in reality, the essence of the goal is not to get practical things that everyone will appreciate, but how you ultimately feel. For example, buying a car is not just having the necessary things, but the opportunity to visit relatives more often or visit beautiful places. Behind the practical goal are emotions.

Emotions from buying a car are much more important than the thing itself / Photo by tropicalfcu

5. Recorded goals

Many people think that writing down all of their goals makes them easier to achieve. Achieving a certain goal is easier when you actually do something for it. There can be only one goal, and by writing it on a piece of paper, you will not be halfway to achieving it.

You need to write down your goals, but this does not bring you closer to the implementation of your plans / Photo by jinjibu