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If you want to understand how much your boss appreciates you, use the tips that we have prepared.

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You are being tested

If from time to time your boss gives you more tasks than you would think you could and should complete, you are probably being tested. Basically, this happens in order to check you and once again make sure of your professionalism.

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sincere questions

If your boss appreciates you and does not want to lose you as a professional, then he certainly periodically raises personal questions. He is mainly interested in your affairs, well-being, asks if everything is in order and what are your personal and professional plans.

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You are being asked for help

If, in addition to the main tasks, there are additional ones, or even those that are not related to work and are entrusted to you, most likely you are appreciated. Also, when serious and responsible tasks appear in the company and you are asked to help in solving them, be sure that you are appreciated.

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Your opinion is appreciated

Don’t worry about whether your boss likes you. If from time to time he asks for your opinion on a particular project, this means that your opinion is valued and you are listened to.

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Important Tasks

Does it often happen that you are assigned to work with key clients? – Then, probably, this is an indicator that they trust you and are not afraid to give responsible work. This is a serious indicator for your personal development.

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