Ideas 24 has picked up some funny and unusual ways to turn socks.

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1. Shoes freshener

If your shoes have an unpleasant smell, cut off about 10 cm from an old sock, pour baking soda inside, bandage it tightly and put it inside the shoes for 24 hours.

An easy way to get rid of the smell / Photo pinterest

2. Pocket

Socks can be used as a secret pocket in jeans, where you can hide cash or a bank card. If money disappears from such a pocket, then, probably, immediately along with trousers.

A secret pocket will be a nice bonus in your pants / Photo pinterest

3. Smartphone case

In the sock, cut off the ends, wrap twice and put on the biceps. Inside the pocket you can put your smartphone or keys while jogging.

A good way to keep your phone always with you / Photo pinterest

4. Umbrella case

You can put a wet umbrella in a sports sock, this will help keep the surrounding objects dry.

5. Cup holder

A sock folded three times will be an excellent “cup holder” for a can of beer.

They thought that socks and beer were incompatible things, but they are not / Photo pinterest

6. Potholder

A sock made of thick fabric can come in handy when you urgently need to remove a hot pan from the oven. The main thing is to roll it up in several layers so as not to get burned.