We have prepared for you 7 household life hacks, thanks to which your everyday life will become more comfortable without any extra effort. You will definitely find the tips you need.

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1. Baking dish

If you decide to cook a delicious casserole in the oven, and you don’t have a suitable small dish or baking sheet, it’s not a problem. Take the form you have. After that, with the help of foil, form special sides and fix them in the form. Send the casserole dough into a new form and you can bake the dish until cooked. Simple, easy and practical.

An easy way to make a small baking dish with your own hands / Photo Pholder

2. Little space in the microwave

Quite often, we need to microwave food for ourselves, as well as for a friend or family member. In this case, you should not do it gradually and in two stages. It is better to first send one plate of food to the microwave, put a cup with a small amount of water in its center. Place a second plate of food on top of the cup. Turn on the microwave to the desired setting. Thanks to this life hack, two people can eat the same heated dishes at the same time.

A simple life hack with a microwave / Photo by Ribalych

3. Kitchen spatula

If you don’t feel like washing your kitchen spatulas, you can simply wrap them in foil. This hack will also come in handy if you prefer plastic utensils, but once you had to cook barbecue dishes. From high temperature, the blade will not melt.

The original way to protect a plastic kitchen spatula from high temperatures / Photo by Reddit

4. Furniture legs

In case you need to move furniture and you are afraid of damaging the floor, we advise you to buy special stickers in hardware stores. But if you don’t have such an opportunity, instead of special stickers, you can use cut corks from a bottle of wine. They can also be used to keep furniture out of balance.

Use corks from a bottle of wine to move furniture / Photo by Sisj.livejournal

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5. Place in the refrigerator

In order to have enough space in the refrigerator, you need to carefully fold and sort everything. If you have a lot of products that are stored in bags, we recommend using stationery binders for better placement.

Cool life hack for the practical arrangement of packages in the refrigerator / Photo 20min

6. Chilled wine

Love chilled drinks but don’t happen to have ice cube trays? No problem. Send the grapes to the freezer for 15-20 minutes. After that, pour your favorite drink into glasses or glasses and add frozen grapes to it.

An easy way to chill wine / Photo by Homehacks

7. Storing winter shoes

If you have a lot of winter or autumn shoes and you don’t know where and how to store them, use special trouser hangers. After that, allocate a special shelf or even a locker for your shoes, carefully hang everything up and store it in this form until the next season.

A very convenient way to store winter shoes / Photo by Sisj.livejournal