Holiday movies are the best way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the winter holidays. So, we offer a selection of interesting cartoons from OLL.TV featuring Santa Claus. This is what St. Nicholas is called in Western Europe and North America.

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8 interesting cartoons for Nikolay on OLL.TV

  1. “The Adventures of Gobbi”

Opens holiday selection animated film “The Adventures of Gobbi” . The picture shows episodes from the life of the mischievous merry fellow Gobbi, who lives in an amazing country where there is a place for charms and adventures. Most of all in the world, he loves adventures, as well as extreme sports, which one day leads to unexpected and unpleasant consequences.

His friend ends up in the hospital with serious injuries. Only a wish can save the dragon, which should be made personally by Santi for Christmas. What will be Gobbi’s road to the north and will he have time for this wonderful holiday? There is very little time left.

Frame from the animated film “The Adventures of Gobbi” / Photo pustunchik.ua

  1. “Christmas Legend”

The events of the cartoon unfold in a small village where people have been living in perfect harmony for many years. All neighbors are very friendly and consider themselves one big family. The old collier Olenzero also lives in complete harmony and understanding, which is Santa Claus, with his grandson Anzhi.

One day they find out that they want to disturb the comfort of the village – the residents are threatened with the construction of a huge power plant. The boy will have to play an important role in the struggle for peace and happiness in his native village. Will be able whether he cope – watch on OLL.TV .

Frame from the cartoon “Christmas legend” / Photo Pinterest

  1. “Santa and the Magic Fire”

Every year, children from all over the world are waiting for Santa and his magical New Year’s gifts. But this year, a villain has appeared who wants to destroy the fabulous children’s holiday and leave them without surprises under the tree.

Animated film characters “Santa and the Magic Fire” try to stop the evil millionaire, who kidnapped log from the Christmas tree. If they fail to do so, Christmas will never come again.

A selection of interesting cartoons / Photo by elcinema

  1. “Santa’s Magic Clock”

The cartoon tells us about the life of the old Olenzero square, which once a year becomes Santa for children and brings them welcome gifts.

One day, a plane crashes near a coal miner’s house. Olentzero finds a passenger and a small monkey in him and helps them survive.

Subsequently, it turns out that the rescued man is a dangerous robber. He steals a magic clock from Santa, without which the children will not receive their gifts. What role will his friends play in finding the watch and will Olenzero find the watch – watch OLL.TV.

Santa cartoon / Pinterest photo

  1. “Elf, who stole Christmas”

Developments cartoon unfold around the elf Anji, whom Santa hired before Christmas. He is inspired by a new position, ready to move mountains and dreams of doing real miracles. However, not all so simple.

Anji’s first task is to clean the magic room where Santa is making Christmas presents. The assistant becomes so addicted to the magical items in the room that he accidentally touches the wooden book in which the evil elf was locked. Now the whole village is in danger, and Christmas is just around the corner…

Animated films on Nicholas / Photo baleuko.com

  1. “Eliot”

“Eliot” is a Canadian computer-animated Christmas film. At the center of the adventure is little horse Eliot, who lives on a farm but dreams of big adventures, good deeds and magic.

the day before Christmas Elliot has a chance to become a reindeer for Santa Claus. The horse, along with a goat friend, goes to the competition, but events do not unfold according to plan. Dark intrigues are woven around, capable of spoiling the main holiday of the year.

Animated film “Eliot”: watch the video

  1. “Snow Race”

Canadian animated movie presents a real snow race in a small village.

Frankie and his team have been competing with the overconfident Zach and his sister for years. The heroes almost manage to win, but Zack cheated and Frank’s sled broke down just before the finish line. They decide to have a rematch. For the new race, Zack is ready to resort to fraud again, but now the main character has a few surprises in store.

“Snow Race”: watch the trailer

  1. “Pororo Penguin. New Year’s Adventure”

The charming penguin Pororo lives in a small village with his friends, but one day they end up in a magical land.

There the animals get acquainted with magic snowflakes, who create snow and winter mood. A charming town is suddenly in danger when a red-hot lava monster falls into it. He is ready to destroy snowflakes and winter holidays. Will the Pororo penguin and his friends be able to save the New Year? Watch the cartoon in high quality OLL.TV.

Cartoon about the penguin Pororo / Photo YouTube