A bright palette of incendiary flavors with explosive fruity notes is the Soplica lemon line. An incredible combination of ripe lemon and fresh mint, embodied in a tincture Soplica Lemon-Mint, will give an atmosphere of gentle coolness. And in tincture Soplica Lemon-Raspberry hides an appetizing mix of sweet raspberries and juicy lemons with a taste of colorful summer.

To the topic When life throws lemons – make cocktails out of them with Soplica

Soplica Lemon-Mint / Photo by Soplica

Ukrainian bloggers also love to go beyond the ordinary with Soplica! They received bright preskets from a well-known brand and shared their secrets on their Instagram pages on how not to turn sour at home in the summer, but to get incredible emotions from the rest. So catch a selection of cool recipes from popular bloggers and dive into the hot summer with delicious and light cocktails with lemon Soplica.

Cocktail “Spring Vibe” from nadya.davydova


Cocktail “Spring Vibe” / Photo by Soplica


  • Fill a glass with ice
  • Add all ingredients and stir.
  • Enjoy.

How to make the perfect cocktail with Soplica: video by nadya.davydova​

Cocktail “Raspberry dreams” by yurapastukh


Cocktail “Raspberry dreams” / Photo by Soplica


  • Fill a glass with ice
  • Add all ingredients and stir.
  • Relish.

Cocktail with Soplica – the taste of the perfect summer: video by kurovskyi

How was the competition

Under the terms of the competition, participants had to visit the Ukrainian blogger’s Instagram, repost the cocktail recipe from @soplica.ua in your story, tag the blogger and @soplica.ua and put a hashtag #don’t_sour_s_Soplica.

Competition from Soplica / Photo by Soplica

Lemon line Soplica / Photo by Soplica

Soplica tinctures are made from natural essences based on selected ripe berries, fruits and nuts. Already over 130 years the unique taste and aroma of Soplica win the hearts of millions of consumers around the world.

Soplica Lemon-Raspberry / Photo by Soplica

Therefore, gathering a noisy company and mixing original cocktails with lemon Soplica, which will fill the summer with a sunny mood and positive, is always a good idea!