Are “health droppers” effective and safe to do without serious indications, said physician Ivan Romasov in an interview with Gazeta.ru. It is noted that more and more people believe that the method will solve problems with fatigue, stress and slow down the aging process.

“All intravenous and intravenous drip drugs are prescribed only by doctors. Excessive simultaneous intake of a large amount of fluid may well lead to pulmonary edema and subsequent acute heart failure “said the doctor.

He added that excess fluid volume and drug overload are bad for those with chronic kidney and liver disease. The specialist also clarified that some drugs used for “health droppers” have not yet published the composition, and some are completely forbidden to use, since their effectiveness and safety have not been proven.

As indications for the use of “health droppers” they mention detoxification from large doses of alcohol, therapy for dehydration and replenishing the balance of nutrients after intense physical exertion, as well as therapy for “chronic fatigue syndrome”, reducing stress and depression, increasing efficiency, efficiency and memory, etc. .

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