Many of those who have had coronavirus are unable to drive. Even long after recovery, some people develop symptoms that resemble clouding of their minds. Constant fatigue, memory lapses and disorientation in space – the problem has become so massive that doctors even introduced a new concept: “post-covid syndrome” or “covid fog”.
How to recognize it, and most importantly – how to treat it? Izvestia correspondent Maxim Oblender found out everything.

Do not be afraid, this is a “side”

Vera’s COVID lasted a long time – she coughed for three and a half months, it was hard to breathe. Finally, a negative test came. But after a few more weeks, the body began to behave strangely: such weakness that it was impossible to lift the kettle, constant noise in the head.

“I was tired of everything. I took, for example, a book, I could not read the page. I look and do not understand the text. I was sitting, my tears were flowing, I was studying at that moment, ” — the woman shared her experiences.

She sat down to play chess and could not remember the rules, she promised something to the child, but after an hour she forgot about it.

“I don’t remember. Nothing. It just flew out. So it could fly for several hours or a whole day, ” — added the victim of COVID.

The neurologists shrugged. Only a year later, after tests that showed a narrowing of the vessels of the brain, she was prescribed drugs, and over time it became easier. And even later, she heard about the existence of a “post-covid syndrome”, this occurs in 10-20% of those who have been ill.

“These are not the complications that are associated with the lungs, but there are more neurological symptoms. Chronic fatigue syndrome, symptoms such as fog in the head, this is a violation of cognitive functions, ” explained epidemiologist Lydia Soprun.

A dozen reports were devoted to the post-covid syndrome at the St. Petersburg International Health Forum. Not everyone, according to doctors, manages to cope with it. A nine-year-old girl in Moscow could not be helped, and there are suspicions that death came precisely from the post-covid syndrome. The method of his treatment is being improved. Pain is relieved with analgesics and ointments, the emotional state is helped with antidepressants, brain function is improved with drugs that promote its microcirculation. But the dangerous syndrome is still not fully understood, like COVID itself.