With the onset of the frosty season, the popularity of hardening and cold procedures increases. For many, jumping into the snow after a bath or diving into an ice hole sounds like fun fun. However, in some cases, such fun can be fatal. In an interview with URA.RU, gastroenterologist and candidate of medical sciences Ekaterina Kashukh told what diseases hardening is categorically contraindicated.

Firstly, these are people with diseases of the cardiovascular and genitourinary systems, chronic diseases and hypertension.

Secondly, people with an allergy to cold should not be hardened.

And thirdly, it is categorically impossible to engage in hardening if a person has bronchial asthma.

“In the presence of chronic diseases, hardening should not be started without consulting the attending physician,” – emphasizes Ekaterina Kashukh.

According to the expert, any person should accustom the body to hardening gradually and accurately. Children and pensioners should start by dousing with water at a temperature of 34-35 degrees, lowering the degree every few days. Adults can start with cool water (about 10 degrees), but first pour over the feet and hands, gradually expanding the exposure area.

“If you decide to try hardening, the main thing is the gradualness and regularity of actions so as not to harm the body,” the doctor explained.

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