Carcinogens (a substance that causes malignant tumors – Ed.) are found in some modern food and cosmetics, but special authorities monitor their content and norm. This was announced by the oncologist, chemotherapist Andrey Bazylev. So he commented on the cessation of the production of dry shampoos by Unilever due to the high content of benzene (a known carcinogen – Approx. ed.)

“Every country, including ours, has its own standards for the content of carcinogens. If the product has a high content of carcinogens, then it does not pass certification and does not enter the market for sale. In the case of Unilever, high benzene content was found ex post in some batches. These parties have been withdrawn, said the specialist.

Bazylev suggested that at the time of registration, the recalled shampoos indicated the allowable amount of benzene due to a supplier error or for some other unknown reason. However, after a new check, the violation was revealed and the batch was recalled.

Including the chemotherapist noted that the usual shampoos that are on the shelves are absolutely safe. Their composition is also controlled by the supervisory authorities and in case of deviations in the concentration of hazardous substances, the batch will not be allowed to enter the market.

“You should not be afraid to buy various cosmetics, you need to understand that this is all controlled. In the event of any potential danger to the consumer, these goods are withdrawn from sale, – summed up Bazylev.

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