While the world is stubbornly fighting the consequences of the pandemic, and the musicians are rescheduling their tours, it has become possible to talk openly and without haste with them about their life and work.

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Every Thursday at 20:30 on Radio ROKS there is an author’s Ilya Yarema’s program “Bison of Ukrainian rock” together with a project partner ТМ Zubrowka, in which Ukrainian rock stars give honest answers to burning questions. The guests of the release were the Ukrainian radio host and singer Sonya Sotnik and musician and producer of Belarusian origin Sergey Kuzin.

Curiosities behind the scenes

You can’t do without funny moments both in life and on stage. Sonya Sotnik and Sergey Kuzin recalled many funny situations that happened to them during concerts.

Sonya Sotnik and Sergey Kuzin / Photo by radioroks

“The funniest incident was last year. During a concert in Kyiv, the group started playing one song, and I, looking at the track list, which was covered with something on the floor, began to sing another song. And now the group is playing what plays, and I sing what I sing. Somewhere in the 40th second, I suddenly began to realize that we exist in different realities with the guys. I could not even imagine that I “screwed it up.” I turn to them in the time of the song and start signaling with all parts of the body, hinting that something is going wrong, and they nod their heads to me, they say, “look at the track list.” I look in there and understand that I started another song. I managed to get out professionally: I just stopped the song and said that I was disgraced. And I started all over again, “Sergey laughs.

And a lot of oddities are often related to logistics, because you always need to be in some place: have lunch here, “cheat” here, change clothes here, and then go on stage. And now we have a concert in Odessa, I understand that I do not have stockings. I find some haberdashery near the hotel, go in and buy black stockings. Everything is fine, she returned, “checked out”, there are already 15 minutes left before going on stage. We quickly change clothes, I unpack the stockings – and they have an elastic band of bright red color. And I understand that such a story could only happen in Odessa, because she just has to insert some kind of zest into your concert, – Sonya jokes. – The inhabitants of Odessa immediately suggested to me where I could earn extra money after the concert in order to improve my financial situation.

career moments

Starting a career as an artist is not always easy. Before the first rays of glory appear over the horizon, many obstacles must be overcome. And also – to constantly be in the creative process and experience those moments when there is not enough creative enthusiasm and inspiration.

Stage life is rich in moments that give a positive / Photo by Pexels

“For me, the most difficult thing was to force myself to break away from sitting still. Sonya pushed me, so the fact that I went on stage and started dancing there is entirely her merit,” says the musician.

However, stage life is rich in moments that give positive and are remembered for a lifetime. As Sonya Sotnik recalls, funny stories often happen to them, which become her favorite, and she always willingly tells about them with a smile.

Now I will tell you how they give flowers to Sergei Vasilyevich. For example, there is some kind of club or playground. And some incredibly beautiful girl with flowers is rushing to Sergei Kuzin through this entire area. So, she runs up to him – and he is already so blooming, opens his arms – and she is like this: “Sergei Vasilyevich, my mother likes you so much!”
the star laughs.

“And the last 5 times the grandmothers have already gone,” Sergey Kuzin jokes.

Watch the video: Sonya Sotnik and Sergey Kuzin spoke about life and career

At the end of the program, presenter Ilya Yarema shared with the radio listeners a cool Zubrowka cocktail recipe for real rock connoisseurs. Turn on your favorite music and enjoy the taste of your favorite drink.

Cocktail Szarlotka

Ilya Yarema prepares a cocktail from Zubrowka / Photo by radioroks



  1. Fill a glass with ice.
  2. Add all ingredients and stir with a bar spoon.
  3. Garnish with an apple slice and serve.

Cocktail Szarlotka / Photo by Zubrowka