Therefore, we have prepared for you 10 simple life hacks that will help you find a way out in any unpredictable situations. These tricks are simple, but even professional drivers may not know them.

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1. Spare key

Do not carry a spare car key with another set that you always have in your pocket. In case you lose some things and keys, you will have a spare option.

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2. Car wipers

In order to prevent car wipers from freezing to the glass in winter, you can “dress” them in old gloves or socks.

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3. No funnel

If you are in dire need of a watering can, but you don’t have one, try carefully folding a sheet of paper and pouring in the desired liquid as quickly as possible.

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4. Bright sun

If you find it difficult to drive a car on a sunny day, you can continue the car “visor” with paper or other improvised means.

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5. Plenty of trunk space

In order to have more space in the trunk, you should carefully fold everything and fix a rubber band on the door, on which you can place rags, napkins, paper towels and the like.

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6. Sleep

Even in the car you can sleep comfortably and comfortably. To do this, you just need to show a little imagination and creativity.

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7. Comfort during long trips

So that even long-distance trips do not cause you negative emotions and you can rest at any time, take a special car pillow with you. By placing a pillow under your back during sleep, you will avoid pain.

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8. Defrost glass

By placing the windshield of the car in the winter to the sun, you can speed up the process of defrosting the glass.

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9. “Polishing” headlights

If you want your car headlights to look nice, use toothpaste as a cleaning tool. The result will surprise you.

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10. Lack of lighting

In any situation, you can find a way out, including when you do not have enough light from the headlights.

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