Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov told who alcohol hangovers are especially dangerous for. A post-intoxication state can provoke such a dangerous syndrome as delirium.

“A person becomes ill when the level of alcohol in the blood drops. This condition can cause delirium, a condition with a 30 percent mortality rate.”– the doctor explained on the air of the federal TV channel

This psychosis is dangerous because a person begins to behave extremely inappropriately: his concentration, motor functions and many other physiological norms are disturbed. Ultimately, all audiovisual and tactile sensations are affected, which can cause hallucinations and delusions.

This condition occurs as a side effect of other more serious diseases associated with brain pathologies, or due to exposure to chemicals.

Also, alcohol abuse can lead to a loss of electrolytes in the blood. Their restoration will expose your body to enormous stress and an inevitable painful condition, Vechernyaya Moskva added.

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