This allows you to please any member of the family. Athlete, world vice-champion in bodybuilding (2018), champion of Ukraine (2017), coach Evgenia Samoilova named 33 salad options, which require only 3 ingredients to prepare.

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33 salad options: what you need for them

  1. Carrot, egg, corn
  2. canned tuna, egg, cucumber
  3. Carrots, garlic, walnuts
  4. Cucumber, egg, squid
  5. Beets, garlic, walnuts
  6. Chicken liver, carrots, fried onions
  7. Chicken fillet, pineapple, cheese
  8. Tomato, cucumber, bell pepper.
  1. Beets, carrots, pickled cucumber
  2. Squid, seaweed, egg
  3. cabbage, carrot, apple
  4. Bulgarian pepper, beans, tomato
  5. Corn, croutons, garlic
  6. canned tuna, cheese, egg
  7. Champignons, chicken fillet, cucumber
  8. Canned peas, egg, cucumber.

Every day for a month you can cook different salads and never repeat / Photo Pixabay

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  1. Shrimps, iceberg lettuce, quail eggs
  2. Avocado, canned tuna, cucumber
  3. Tomato, avocado, iceberg lettuce
  4. Boiled beef, canned beans, tomato
  5. Iceberg lettuce, stewed chicken liver, cucumber
  6. Fresh carrot, apple, walnuts
  7. Beijing cabbage, cucumber, egg
  8. Tomato, mozzarella, basil
  9. Pomegranate, beetroot, walnuts
  10. Chicken fillet, celery, grapes
  11. Squid, Chinese cabbage, apple
  12. Olives, cucumber, grapefruit
  13. Champignons, egg, cucumber
  14. Canned beans, greens, tuna
  15. Banana, orange, pear
  16. Grapefruit, apple, kiwi
  17. Mandarin, kiwi, banana.

These salads are not only tasty, but also healthy / Pixabay Photo