Psychologist Julia Tokarchuk believes that tears are good for children. Young children, due to emotional immaturity or an unformed vocabulary, cannot always recognize and describe their feelings. Crying for children is the easiest way to express thoughts. The expert told Gazeta.ru about this.

Crying for children under the age of six or seven is not just a wave of emotion, it is a means of communication. Thus, the child makes it clear that he cannot cope with the situation on his own and needs help.“, – explained the psychologist.

According to Tokarczuk, crying is an emotional release that has a positive effect on moral health. The psychologist added that parents should not forbid children to cry.

The ban on emotions and their expression does not have the best effect on the child’s psyche. Instead, it is better to teach the child to be aware of their own emotions.“, Tokarchuk said.

The doctor made an important note: you need to explain to the child that experiencing emotions is normal. If instead of a ban on tears, you start supporting the child, then he will understand that you, as a parent, hear and understand him.

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