The VII All-Russian Congress of Cancer Patients was held in the Public Chamber of Russia. Experts from all over the country, first of all, discussed the new “challenges of the time”, which exacerbate a number of problems in the domestic healthcare system. One of the pressing issues is the inhuman treatment of Western pharmaceutical companies towards Russian cancer patients. we publishes an exclusive commentary by a member of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society and human rights, Irina Borovova.

“In our country, clinical trials of Western pharmaceutical companies were not just stopped due to the geopolitical situation – research doctors, clinicians were forced to confiscate a targeted tablet drug from patients and destroy it. In our opinion, such an extremist attitude towards patients should not be repeated anywhere.”the expert is sure.

No matter what difficulties pharmaceutical manufacturers face with logistics, it is inhumane to take an already issued drug from seriously ill patients, experts are sure. Scientists and practitioners believe that in such a situation it would be more correct to complete the study. According to Irina Borovova, medicine should be out of politics. Therefore, Russian doctors will make every effort so that provocations from Europe do not hit the health of Russians.