Ideas for a photo shoot of spouses

If the spouses do not yet have a child, choose a romantic location and arrange a lovestory photo shoot. And here, as Channel 24 is convinced, there are millions of interesting ideas that can be easily implemented in your locality.

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A colorful hayloft, a walk around the city, relaxing by the lake or in the park, cycling or traveling with coffee: autumn photography can become special in your photo album. Use fallen leaves that will definitely look spectacular in the frame.

Family photo session in lovestory style / Pinterest photo

Photo session with children: photo ideas

If the spouses have offspring, involve them in the shooting. And here there are also a lot of ideas from the network: a family picnic, a game with leaves or hide and seek – it will turn a photo shoot into entertainment for children simply.

Family photo session with children / Photo Pinterest

Autumn photo shoots of stars

Ukrainian celebrities also love to take autumn pictures with their loved ones and children. TV presenters Lilia Rebrik and Ekaterina Osadchaya, Potap and Nastya Kamensky, Olya Tsibulskaya and Jamala shared vivid shots taken in the park, mountains or in the courtyard of the house in 2019.