Interesting life hacks were told by Ekaterina Jensen, a nutritionist and nutritionist from Denmark. The woman shares her experience, knowledge and useful tips in her blog.

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How to get a flat stomach

Often the most problematic area is the stomach. You can fight him forever and to no avail in the gym, but the reason is actually different. You just need to change your diet. But before that, it is important to do a detox, which consists of 4 steps. It will help restore the intestinal microflora and improve the diet.

Step 1

Stop feeding harmful flora sugar / Photo Unsplash

First of all, you need to remove foods from the diet that allow pathogenic microflora to exist: sugar, yeast, fast carbohydrates. If this is not done on time, pathogenic fungi and bacteria will begin to displace beneficial bifidobacteria.

Step 2

After that, you need to destroy the “enemies”, that is, pathogenic microorganisms. The nutritionist suggests fighting them with natural antibacterial agents: garlic, olive leaves, oregano and thyme. But you need to take them in capsules from a pharmacy.

Step 3

Drink special beneficial bifidobacteria / Photo by Unsplash

After cleaning, you can take care of bifidobacteria in the body. They can be multiplied with the help of special preparations. When choosing, focus on the composition and amount of bacteria in one capsule.

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Step 4

After we have introduced beneficial bacteria into the body, they need to be fed. They pretty much love fiber. The largest source of fiber are vegetables, which should be added to the diet. At the initial stages, they can cause bloating due to the lack of the necessary microflora, but over time this will pass and the process of consuming vegetables will not cause discomfort.