So who invented vodka and what are the features of its manufacture? We did a little research.

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Appearance versions “fire water” a lot. Someone believes that it was invented by medieval monks; someone is sure that this is the work of an ordinary Ukrainian peasant; others – that the “green serpent” first appeared in Poland. Let’s find out when and why this legendary drink was created.

According to one version, the inventor of alcohol, an integral component of vodka, is considered Persian physician of the tenth century – Ar-Razi. It was he who came up with the idea to use alcohol for medical purposes, because the scientist’s intentions were the invention of medicines.

However, the real authorship of the drink is not known for certain. Based on documentary sources, the invention of vodka is also associated with the following names:

  • Iranian Jabir ibn Hayyan (VIII century);
  • Arab perfumer Pares (IX century);
  • Avicenna, scholar from Persia (XI century);
  • Italian monk Valentius (XII century).

The research didn’t stop there. Medieval monks in monasteries, who acted as doctors, did not stop trying to make medicinal tinctures that would alleviate pain and heal wounds. And once they succeeded. The resulting healing tinctures began to be called “aqua vitae”which in Latin means “water of life” (hence the name “vodka”).

Medieval distillation / Shutterstock photo

The popularity of tinctures, which not only had medicinal properties, but also perfectly invigorated the spirit, grew. The drink quickly fell in love with the common people, so it increasingly appeared at feasts.

The fame of an unusual liquid spread throughout Europe and reached Ukraine.

The production of vodka on our lands began during the time of the Zaporizhzhya Sich, where for the first time wheat grains were used for its preparation (other states used mainly rye or a mixture of oats, barley and rye).

Word burner” indicated the flammability of the drink / Photo by Shutterstock

Since then, everyone wanted to try to make the famous vodka for themselves – either for themselves, or for sale. Therefore, during the time of the Russian Empire, they wanted to establish a state monopoly on the production and sale of vodka.

Subsequently, state standards for the quality of vodka were developed, including 40% the ratio of alcohol to water, which was considered the minimum threshold with an allowable error of 2 degrees.

Modern purification methods have turned vodka into an elite drink / Shutterstock photo

Today there are a number of countries that are considered the world’s largest exporters of vodka. These include Ukraine, Russia, Nordic countries, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. Each of these states has its own traditional recipes for vodka and the raw materials from which it is made.

Alcohol and water

In the process of creating alcoholic beverages, every detail is important in its own way and affects the final result. The quality and taste of vodka primarily depend on the feedstock (alcohol) and the degree of purification.

For the production of the cheapest vodka is used alcohol of the highest purity. It is usually made from a mixture of grains, potatoes, sugar beets and molasses.

There are also alcohols Basis, Extra and Suite from various types of grain or a mixture of grain with potatoes.

Water is the second most important component in the production of vodka. Modern distilleries use natural spring water, subjecting it to minimal purification to eliminate mechanical impurities. To improve the taste, water is passed through special filters.

Water – the second most important component in the production of vodka / Shutterstock photo

Let’s analyze in stages how vodka is produced using an example Zubrowka Bialathat the factory produces CEDC International (Bialystok, Poland).

How Żubrowka Biała is created

We produce exclusively from selected natural ingredients.

Żubrówka Biała is created using crystal clear spring water of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. This is a forest complex, which is under protection UNESCO. It is located on the territory of Poland and Belarus.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha is a unique array of ancient forests where not a single tree has been planted by man. Here, wood is harvested from fallen Bialowieza oaks for the manufacture of coal for filtration, as well as pure spring water, which is naturally demineralized, is extracted from the bowels of the earth. at a depth of 60 meters.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha / Photo Zubrowka

Water treatment

Spring water for Żubrówka Biała is purified by sedimentation, aeration and filtration through carbon filters. Thanks to this approach, vodka gets a unique mild taste.

Production and purification of alcohol

For the production of alcohol at the CEDC plant, selected wheat grains of the best varieties are used. They are carefully ground and then brewed under pressure in special columns. Next, the raw material enters the tubs for fermentation. After that, the resulting alcohol undergoes a seven-fold purification in distillation columns.

Distillation columns at the CEDC plant / Photo


This is the process of obtaining a water-alcohol mixture. Water with alcohol in the required proportions is fed into closed sorting barrels. During this process, the drink acquires exceptional softness, transparency and a pleasant aftertaste.


The water-alcohol mixture from the barrels is poured into a special cleaning filter, where it undergoes a process of purification from any sediment. Next, platinum filtration occurs to purify the drink from excess impurities.

Żubrowka Biala / Photo by Żubrowka

Infusion and bottling

After filtering, the drink is infused for 5 days in oak barrels, where it is saturated with a pleasant aroma with delicate vanilla notes and gets a unique taste.

Finally, the obligatory stage of tasting passes, after which the bottling process takes place. Each bottle is checked for integrity and rinsed with water. The drink is bottled in original bottles with premium design from the legendary brand.

Therefore, in order to feel the natural soft taste of Żubrówka Biała, we suggest preparing a delicious and bright cocktail based on it.

Cocktail “Citrus Bison”

Cocktail “Citrus Bison” / Photo Zubrowka


  • Zubrowka Biala – 50 ml
  • sugar syrup – 20 ml
  • Apple juice – 10 ml
  • cranberry juice – 10 ml
  • lime
  • orange
  • grapefruit
  • ice


  1. We put a quarter of lime, a slice of orange, grapefruit in a shaker and crush.
  2. Pour, apple juice, cranberry juice, sugar syrup.
  3. Fill a shaker with ice cubes and shake.
  4. Pour through a sieve into a glass filled with ice.
  5. Decorate with a grapefruit slice.
  6. We serve.