Ideas 24 has prepared a selection of cool things that everyone will be delighted with. These are universal gifts that can be given to mom, grandmother, sister, friends, etc.

1. Small portable blower

Well, who among us does not like to savor a fragrant latte with good foam in the morning? Now you should not run for a coffee drink to the nearest institution. This foaming agent will help you create a delicious latte or cappuccino without any extra effort.

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2. A jar of honey, hot spices or original topping

Each of us loves either too sweet, or too spicy, or too fragrant. Why not give your family real honey, spicy branded sauce or original topping?!

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3. Teapot for cold drinks

On hot days, we rarely drink hot drinks, so sooner or later such a teapot will definitely come in handy. It can make cold tea, coffee or even ice latte. It is easy to clean both by hand and in the dishwasher.

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4. SEGA Genesis Mini game console

Includes 42 retro games. All necessary cables are included in the kit.

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5. Comfortable and gentle to the body pajamas

Comfortable pajamas are the key to a healthy sleep. Take care of the comfort of your loved ones.

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6. Bright apron with a gift in the form of cards with original recipes

A real find for a gift to mom, grandmother or anyone who loves to cook.

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7. Chopsticks for sushi

These are not the usual sticks you are used to seeing in Japanese cuisine establishments. These are original sticks that can be turned on, since these devices can be lit.

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8. Original massage set

It consists of a “point” mat and special massage pillows.

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9. Scratch map of the world

The most detailed scratch map will allow you to designate those places that the recipient of the gift has already visited or those that he plans to visit in the near future.

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10. Foot bath

This is no ordinary foot wash container – this is a fantastic massager that everyone will be delighted with.

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11. LED Essential Oil Diffuser

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12. Silicone night light

The cute silicone night light can glow with 7 colors. Such a gift will appeal to everyone, regardless of age.

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13. The original set of tea “capsules”

A particularly good gift for those who love tea. One has only to take your favorite cup, add boiling water, and then a capsule of your favorite aromatic tea. After a few minutes, the drink can be savored.

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14. Ergonomic back and neck massager

The gift will help you relax after a hard day at work and get rid of neck and back pain.

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15. Kit for growing microgreens at home

Ecological clean and tasty greens can now be grown on your windowsill. With this set, you will be perfect.

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