Ideas 24 have created for you a list of the most common habits that will throw anyone off balance.

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1. “Nervous” legs

A common habit for those who cannot hide their excitement, intolerance or other emotions.

Such swaying of the legs while sitting indicates that a person has a sense of anxiety, says Susan Krauss Witborn, a psychologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a psychologist.

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2. Food

There are many bad habits associated with food. Among them, in particular, eating dishes in prohibited places (library, transport, theater, etc.), too loud “chewing” of dishes, “smacking”, scraping dishes while eating, and the like.

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3. “Closed topic”

Agree, you are also annoyed when in a dispute you are sure that you are right, there are arguments and evidence, and your interlocutor simply says “close the topic”. It is especially frustrating to hear this at work. Is not it?

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4. Spitting

Despite the fact that it is very uncivilized, it is also disgusting. Is not it? But many people do it and consider it the norm.

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5. Chewing gum

Everyone loves a little refreshing gum. And some also fanate from special chewing bubbles. The very sight of this bubble, as well as the sound of its “bursting” annoys many.

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6. Nail biting

Millions of people around the world bite their nails. And, perhaps, none of them think that it is annoying, unaesthetic and harmful to themselves.

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7. “Crackling” joints

The most popular “crackling” of the fingers. As a result of this, a special sound arises, which annoys others.

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8. Clicking a pen

When it happened once, we did not pay attention, but when it continues continuously for several minutes, then it causes anger.

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9. Using the phone during a live call

A common occurrence when, being in a company, one of the friends speaks on the phone or flips through the feed on social networks. It’s not just annoying, it’s even annoying. Is not it?

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10. Hair twists

Twisting your hair with your fingers is annoying to many. But sometimes we don’t even notice our habits. So look at your hands, watch your actions, control your body.

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11. Lack of eye contact

Have you ever said something important to your interlocutor, and he just looks in different directions? If this was a one-time event, then it probably happened by accident and therefore there is no need to be angry. However, if this happened several times, then this indicates a bad habit of your interlocutor, which he may not even be aware of.

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12. Loud talking on the phone

This applies to talking on the phone in a public place, that is, where there are a large number of people. This habit is especially annoying to others in transport, shops, theaters, etc.

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13. Late

We often get angry at non-punctual people. They probably don’t even consider it a habit, but just a coincidence. Being late for any meeting is not only a bad habit, it is also disrespectful to those who are waiting.

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14. Interrupt during a conversation

Sometimes it happens that we tell something interesting or important to us, and the interlocutor not only interrupts, but translates the topic into something petty. This situation annoys everyone.

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15. Too loud music in headphones

Regardless of what genre of music will sound in the headphones, this situation is unpleasant for many people who are around.

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