It can be both sweet and savory options. Useful ideas were named by blogger and fitness trainer Aleksa Svarovskyh.

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Delicious and healthy snack options

Nuts and dried fruits

Choose nuts and dried fruits that are not shiny. Nuts should not be roasted or salted. Also remember about servings – no more than a handful.


You can take whole or sliced ​​u200bu200bfruits or berries with you. We are talking about fruit, not puree.


At this point the most important thing is the stuffing. It could be:

  • Baked meat, cucumber and greens.
  • Boiled poultry fillet, lettuce, tomato.
  • Cottage cheese, greens, tomato.
  • Tuna, cheese, egg, pepper.

Do not forget that bread should be healthy / Photo Pixabay

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Sliced, whole or in stick form. Hummus can be used with vegetables. ⠀⠀

homemade baking

Peanut cake, banana bread and other options. Baking should be healthy.

Milk products

Kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt. Products should be without filler – this is both protein and beneficial bacteria.