People often struggle with stuffy nose problems with the help of drops, but they are not even aware of their danger and possible dire consequences. Otorhinolaryngologist Igor Manevich told Gazeta.ru about the dangers of vasoconstrictor drops.

There are three types of nasal drops: saline, hormonal, anti-allergic and vasoconstrictor. According to the expert, the latter cannot be used uncontrollably due to the content of adrenaline in them. This hormone constricts blood vessels, reduces swelling and stops the production of mucus in the sinuses.

If you refuse the drug after prolonged use, drug-induced rhinitis may occur – in this state, the vessels of the mucosa are dilated even in the absence of a runny nose. Edema can become chronic, and it is possible to alleviate the condition only with the help of drops.‘, the doctor explains.

So that vasoconstrictor drops do not cause lifelong addiction, it is recommended to use them for no longer than a week, and apply three to four times a day. According to the expert, it is better to find alternative methods of treatment altogether, or to turn to such drops in the most extreme cases.