Stock up on patience and good mood, turn on your imagination and create your interior masterpieces, – advise Ideas 24.

Before you start transforming old furniture, take into account:

  • this lesson can be lengthy, because it is not always possible to make the perfect decor in one evening;
  • you will have to find a special place or corner where you can restore your furniture in such a way as not to damage anything in your apartment;
  • most likely you will have to select and buy materials (paint, varnish for furniture roofing, decorative handles, etc.).

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So, if you have some free time and a desire to transform your old furniture, you will definitely like our selection of cool ideas.

romantic bench

If you have two old chairs, you can create a beautiful bench for the hall, kitchen or even the garden. To do this, you just need to separate the chairs from the seats, cut two legs from both chairs, pick up the seats and attach strong plywood between the chairs. After that, you just need to take care of the decor of the shop. Here you can fantasize and experiment. Choose a color that matches other furniture.

A romantic bench will decorate any garden / Photo by anoregoncottage

A comfortable reading chair or your furry friend’s favorite spot

If an old chest of drawers with some broken drawers constantly bothers you, convert it into a comfortable chair or a favorite place for a cat or dog. The process is not difficult. One has only to “remove” unwanted shukhlyads and decorate (paint) those elements that remain. A good addition after such a restoration will be soft and comfortable pillows, as well as your pet’s favorite toys.

Reincarnation of an old chest of drawers / Photo brightside.me

Table restoration

Are you tired of the old coffee table and you don’t know how to change it at all? – No problem. Turn it into a vintage stylish decor element. All friends will be sure that such a thing is not only expensive, but also exclusive. To do this, first paint the legs a light color, then fix the plywood slightly larger than the original “top” of the table. Glue special foam rubber for furniture on top of it and then select fabric or tulle for decoration.

Coffee table new version / Photo by newlywedmcgees

Chairs with outdated print

Such interior elements are easier to remake, because it is enough just to paint the legs and cover the old fabric with a new one. In order for the chair to look beautiful, it is worth choosing a fabric in a color that matches exactly with your rest of the furniture.

Bright design of old chairs / Photo by berkem

A closet you’ll really love

If you love old furniture, keep it, but strive to modernize it a little while maintaining partial authenticity – just paint it a different color.

To “reincarnate” such a cabinet, you only need high-quality paint in a well-chosen color. Literally two hours of work – and voila – a stylish closet is already in your apartment.

Old wardrobe in a new color / Photo by thriftdiving

Old TV

Do you still have an old TV in a wooden frame? Have you been planning to throw it away for a long time, but your hands still don’t reach? Turn it into a beautiful bookshelf. To do this, you should “clean” the structure from the screen and all connecting elements. All you need is a wooden box. We make 2-3 so-called wooden partitions, fix them, paint everything in one color and after a few hours we put all our books on the shelf.

Bookshelf from TV / Photo by homehinges


The bedside table is the most practical closet in the bedroom. This is the place where all the most necessary things are stored. It can contain anything from the book you read before bed to nail clippers or even phone chargers. Such a cabinet should be not only practical, but also beautiful. To do this, the old cabinet should be repainted in an attractive color. It is better if you combine two colors of light shades. If you wish, you can change the handles to more stylish ones.

An irreplaceable thing in every bedroom / Photo legko.com

Noble dressing table

The old dressing table can be restored in any case. It’s worth starting from the table on which the mirror is fixed. To do this, you need to remove the veneer with special tools. Then you can choose the path that you like best. You can paint the wood or glue it with a special film. If desired, you can change the mirror by purchasing a new one in advance.

Restored dressing table / Photo hometalk

Original chest of drawers

An old chest of drawers can be restored in any way. It all depends on your skills and desires. We propose to make a relief design of drawers and other unequal parts of an old chest of drawers. To do this, you first need to remove the veneer, sand all sides of the chest of drawers, and then paint the desired places with paint. We advise you to paste over the shukhlyads with embossed wallpaper, which should later be painted in the desired color. Handles can be changed if desired. They should be pre-purchased in a special store.

Restoration of a chest of drawers with wallpaper and paint / Photo hometalk