For example, repaint. Just one combination of colors can completely transform the living room, bedroom or bathroom. The main thing is to choose a good color scheme.

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1. Such a sideboard will decorate any living room

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2. Sometimes the chaotic painting of furniture makes it not only exclusive, but also incredibly stylish.

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3. A well-chosen color for painting a chest of drawers can turn an ordinary budget item into an exquisite design element.

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4. Ombre coloring makes this wardrobe extremely original

Photo idei-dekoru

5. Imagine your chest of drawers is a canvas

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6. Even with not enough paint, a chest of drawers can be turned into an exquisite item.

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7. Creativity and courage are always “in trend”

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8. For lovers of bright colors

Photo casashopping

9. Graceful dressing table

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10. Nothing complicated – just use two colors of paint

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