First of all, correctly formulate the goal, advises Anastasia Poltavskaya. Your brain needs a clear program.

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If you want to lose weight, entrust this work to your brain. True, you first need to agree with him,
Poltavskaya noted.

How to get fit and lose weight

Set a goal

You must clearly understand why you want to lose weight. And it’s not about appearance, but about health and well-being. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⠀⁣⁣⠀

The right goal is good health, and that alone. You used to fly up the stairs to the fifth floor without being out of breath, now you are out of breath on the third floor. The right goal for you is to remember in detail the sensations as it was without shortness of breath.⁣⁣ The right goal for you is to recall in detail the sensations as it was when the legs converged,
Poltavskaya noted.

According to her, if the right goal is set, you will be able to lose only as much as it takes to achieve the goal.

The right goal is the first point on the way to losing weight / Photo Pixabay

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According to Anastasia Poltavskaya, you should remember your feelings at a time when you were in great shape. This will help you get results faster.

Your motivation is to remember those pleasant sensations that, in different contexts, accompanied a smaller body weight.⁣ Motivation will be strengthened many times over as soon as reality begins to coincide with memories,
– said the coach.

She added that the basis for weight loss are three initial positions – motivation, dreams and beliefs. Be sure to praise yourself for every success along the way to the goal and trust that you will succeed.