That is why Ideas 24 has prepared for you 10 simple tips that will help you better manage your time and achieve your desired goals more intelligently and easily.

1. Wake up earlier

Whatever hour your alarm clock is, “translate” it an hour earlier. This simple rule will help you get more done and get closer to the result.

In addition, by waking up an hour earlier, you can work or do the things you want in peace and without too much fuss. Your family is not used to waking up so early, is it? Even if you don’t want to work so early, make time for yourself. Listen to your favorite music, go in for sports, read motivating books.

Alarm a good helper for those who want to do everything / Photo unsplash

2. Make a to-do list for the day

Create a daily to-do list of things you can actually do. This will help not only to control all the time, but also to calculate every minute. Thus, you will be able to manage to do just everything that you have planned, and even more. This habit will eventually help you achieve global goals or make your most cherished dreams come true.

Make a daily to-do list / Photo by unsplash

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3. Exercise in the morning

Go for a run, do yoga, or at least just exercise. Morning workouts will significantly improve your mood and affect your performance.

Physical exercise is a necessary condition for the effectiveness of intellectual work, John Reity, professor of psychiatry at Harvard, states.

Yoga good option for morning classes / Photo unsplash

4. Focus on one task

Don’t jump from one thing to another. First complete one task and then another.

5. The result of the work

When starting any business, be sure to be aware of how you want to see the result. Such thoughts inspire and help to get closer to the final goal of any work faster.

Present the result of your work / unsplash photo

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6. Get rid of everything superfluous

Very often in our environment there are people who either envy us, or demotivate us, or even are the so-called “energy vampires”. If possible, do not “let” them into your life. This also applies to things that annoy us or vice versa – improve our mood. Listen to yourself and your feelings – make sure that the people who surround you are close in spirit to you, and everyday things give only pleasant sensations.

Surround yourself with like-minded people / Photo unsplash

7. Give up social media

Sometimes we just want to go to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. As a rule, if we are distracted for a minute, we can lose 30 minutes of our precious time. All of this just confuses us. If you need these social networks for work, log in only from work accounts. Thus, you will not be distracted by trifles.

Avoid social media in the workplace / Photo by unsplash

8. Reduce the number of unwanted meetings

This also applies to ordinary acquaintances and people with whom you work. Don’t waste your time and energy on petty talk about nothing.

Communicate only with those people who give you positive emotions / Photo unsplash

9. Learn to say “no”

Sometimes it’s hard to say no to people. Especially when it comes to loved ones. Refusing is okay. Don’t be afraid to say “no” if you don’t like something. Thus, you will not waste your time on unnecessary things.

Learn to say “no” if you don’t like something / Photo by thenankoo

10. Take care of your sleep

On average, a person needs 8 hours of sleep, but each human body is unique. For someone, 7 hours may be enough to get enough sleep, and for someone, 10 hours may be enough. Study your body and your biorhythms. Only when you get enough sleep can you feel healthy and cheerful.

Healthy sleep the key to success / Photo today