So, in the professional world, it is paramount to have useful contacts. And it’s not that hard to get them started. Here are some actionable tips.

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Read more and watch

A developed worldview is always noticeable during communication. Do not focus only on business literature, try to read works of art and even comics – they have both academic vocabulary and modern ones, which allows you to be a modern person.

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Don’t wait to be called

There is nothing wrong with asking people to meet on your own. After all, people like it when they are remembered and invited to a cafe or for a walk. You need to communicate with different people to get new ideas from them, and not get hung up on 1 or 2 childhood friends.

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Be Proactive

Do not limit your life to work and household chores. Visit cafes, go out of town. Attend events to improve competence on a variety of topics. The practice of communication develops the skill of self-presentation and improves speech.

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Pen pal

Don’t be afraid to exchange contacts with random acquaintances whose experience seemed interesting to you. Find bloggers in your range of topics and write to them. The same people that you see on the street are sitting on the network, then why not start a friendship online if it is convenient for both of you?

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