No one is immune from such situations. It is not always possible and time to call a locksmith to open it. The solution to this problem, surprisingly simple and primitive, is a paper clip. It is a paper clip that can become an indispensable assistant in solving this unpleasant situation.

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Padlocks tend to fail over time.

This is absolutely normal, especially if the castle was not protected from rain and other external factors. Therefore, the lock can simply jam at any time. Such a nuisance may occur not quite by accident, but through the fault of ill-wishers. Intentional damage to castle products by hooligans is not uncommon in our time. Therefore, you need to be able to open the lock yourself.

You can resort to brute force and just knock down the shackle with a hammer, but why destroy your own property if you can use ingenuity and sleight of hand? After all, in order to open most padlocks, you only need a couple of handy master keys that can be made from ordinary paper clips and metal scraps. The main thing is to know what and how to do it. And what could be more convenient than a simple and visual aid, in which the shutter mechanism literally shines through the lock body.

Watch the video on how to open the lock with a paper clip: