Ideas 24 has compiled for you the basic rules for perfect posing. By following these rules, you will definitely know how to pose for any photo shoot. Rest assured, they will have a huge number of likes.

Choose a role model

Before going for a photo shoot, be sure to check out the photos of professional models. It could be glossy magazines or even Pinterest. In this way, you will develop an aesthetic taste, as well as review ideas for a photo shoot and successful posing. Be sure to pay attention to how this or that model poses, how she tilts her head, in what position her arms, legs, etc.

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“Spin” in front of the mirror

You and only you know your body better than anyone, you know your strengths and weaknesses. Practice in front of a mirror to pose and show certain emotions. Do not be afraid to repeat the poses of models or come up with new ones. Find those poses that will most emphasize your dignity.

Ideally, you should wear the things in which the photo session will take place. Train until you feel confident, easy and comfortable. Try to remember all fictional poses. Thus, during the photo session, you can play them one after the other.

Study your favorite poses in front of the mirror / Photo tutknow.ru

Find your “perfect” smile

In order for a smile to look beautiful in the frame, it must be sincere. To do this, you should also pre-train in front of the mirror. First, relax your facial muscles, keep your eyes open, and then try to smile as “softly” as possible. To avoid an unnatural smile, you can just think of something good, pleasant and positive. Knowing this trick, from now on you will never have the question “How to pose for Instagram?”. You just have to find the “perfect” smile for yourself.

The smile should look sincere and natural / Photo unsplash.com

Learn to show emotions

Any photo always carries some kind of message, mood or emotion. You can rent the best studio with a fantastic interior, you can do impressive makeup and wear a chic outfit, but if you don’t know how to pose for a photo shoot and can’t convey the right emotion in the frame, all those efforts are in vain.

Learn to show emotions / Photo denfoto

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Control your body

During a photo shoot, you need to control not only your smile. You need to think about every movement, about how all parts of the body will look in the frame.

straight neck

In any photo you need to try to stretch your neck. Visually, this will give it length. In this case, it is important to lower your shoulders down. Such a trick makes the image more sophisticated, and the pose open and relaxed.


Lower your shoulders down, straighten them and do not “stoop”. Such a technique is able to emphasize your best virtues. For example, beautiful shoulders, collarbones, chest, neck.

Small of the back

During the photo shoot, you need to bend slightly in the lower back. Thus, your figure will look more elegant and slender.


Flirt with the camera lens with your eyes. Don’t be afraid to look at the camera confidently and directly. Alternately look to the side or slightly from under the shoulder.

Sight the first thing that draws attention when viewing a photo / Photo Pinterest


The hands should be as relaxed and “soft” as possible, and their movements should be smooth. If you find it difficult to figure out where to put your hands, just take any object. It can be: a bag, flowers, a hat, a book, glasses, a cup of coffee, etc.