It’s press time! Everyone loves it and everyone wants it, so we suggest moving from desires to action! Trainer Kirill Toros showed a short workout, thanks to which even the laziest can get the desired cubes. Let’s get busy with Ideas 24!

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How to remove the stomach at home: 4 exercises for the press

  • Turns of the body with additional weight in the “boat” position (you can use a bottle of water, a ball or other suitable object);
  • Lifting the body with additional weight in the hands;
  • Diagonal twists with raised legs;
  • “Boat” with fixing the position at the top point.

Short workout guide:

  • Do the exercises one after the other;
  • Number of repetitions: 16 – 18;
  • Number of approaches: 3 for each exercise;
  • Rest between sets: 30 seconds.

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