We offer a selection of original and at the same time practical things that were once favorite children’s toys.

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1. Cork for alcohol bottles

Small animal-shaped toys can be cut, painted in an attractive color, combined with old wooden corks and get an exquisite practical item for high-end alcohol bottles.

Original and practical thing / Pinterest photo

2. Delicate jewelry stand

Having painted the toy in a bright golden color, you can get something not only interesting, but also very stylish. Therefore, we advise you to choose a beautiful plate or box, glue it with a painted toy and get a thing that will look like a designer one.

DIY jewelry stand / Pinterest photo

3. Fridge magnets

You can make these things with any toys. It is only important to purchase a set of small magnets in advance. Use glue to connect them with toys, paint if necessary and voila – useful and practical things are ready.

Fridge magnets from old toys / Photo by Awesomestufftobuy

4. Frames

If there are several identical toys, you can use them to decorate the mirror. To do this, ideally, you need to paint both the frame and the toys themselves in the same color.

Original mirror / Pinterest photo

5. Lamp

With the help of small children’s toys, you can turn an old lamp into a sophisticated designer piece. To do this, glue all the small toys to the lamp stand, and then paint them in a good color.

Unique table lamp / Photo by Pinterest

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6. Planters

Old toys can be turned into pots or planters for flowerpots or succulents. To do this, you just need to turn on your imagination and get a little creative. The easiest way is to make neat holes in the toys and send pots of plants or just plants with earth there.

Pots for flowerpots / Photo by Apartmenttherapy

7. Candy Bar Plates

Old toys can be used to create original containers for serving sweets. To do this, cut the toys, stick them on both sides of the plates, wait a bit and get the original dishes that all children will like.

Plates for sweets / Photo Pinterest

8. Three-dimensional paintings

From old toys you can create unusual paintings in the nursery. To do this, you should buy drywall or foam, cut a frame out of them, stick toys and carefully paint everything in the most successful colors. Children will be delighted with such a creative picture.

Paintings on the wall from old broken toys / Photo by Pinterest

9. Decor of various jars

With the help of toys, you can decorate various containers with pencils, pens or other things. To do this, you just need to glue small toys to the lids of each jar.

Banks for children’s things, decorated with old toys / Photo Pinterest

10. Photo frame

If your family loves unusual photo frames, we advise you to make something special from the collection of small car cars. It’s very easy, simple and creative.

Photo frame decorated with toy cars Photo / Promaminky