Ideas 24 has prepared 8 universal tips for you, thanks to which you can buy the best gifts for your loved ones without spending a lot of money.

1. Buy early

In order not to spend extra money, be sure to take care of gifts for relatives in advance. Prices for goods in this case may be lower. In addition, you can compare the assortment and pricing policy in different sellers.

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2. Compare

Before buying a gift, you need to prepare. To do this, “browse” the entire Internet and find products that are most suitable for relatives. Compare qualities, features and, of course, prices. Find the best store and keep an eye on prices for a few days. Draw conclusions from what you see, and buy gifts at the best time.

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3. Payment in installments

If you have many relatives, friends and relatives and you want to please everyone with a surprise, consider paying for gifts in installments. Now many companies offer installment plans with minimal or no interest. Not all months are as financially costly as December and January. Therefore, you can safely “stretch” the payment for gifts for three months or even six months.

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4. Free shipping

For those who plan to shop online, there is an opportunity to save on shipping. This applies to stores in which you make purchases not for the first time. To do this, you need to install the applications of the respective companies on your smartphone. Often, using such applications, you can get discounts on your purchase or even “catch” free shipping.

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5. “Tighten your belt”

We love our relatives so much that when choosing a gift we look at the best goods and are always afraid to save money. This is not entirely correct. You should not buy an expensive gift, and then deny yourself the purchase of goods to meet basic needs.

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6. List of gifts

Don’t make random purchases. Be sure to think in advance about what is better to give to relatives. Make a list of gifts and in this way you will save yourself from pointless purchases.

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7. DIY gifts

If you cannot financially afford buying gifts for your relatives, please them with surprises prepared by yourself. No, it’s not banal. No, you will not be considered a miser. You just need to make every effort to create such a gift. These can be festive sets of fruits or sweets, beautiful edible bouquets, original boxes, scented candles, Christmas decorations, knitted clothes and the like.

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8. Desirable gifts

In order to avoid embarrassing situations with the chosen gift, ask your relatives directly what they would like to receive. So you save your time on choosing a gift and buy something that your family would definitely like.

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