Don’t panic and don’t act stupid. Better save your strength and try to remember useful tips that will help you find a solution in this situation.

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How to behave if you are lost in the forest

If it so happened that you were traveling and lost your card or simply fell behind your company, act with our recommendations in mind.

1. Calm down and get rid of panic

Panicking, a person can do absolutely illogical things that will not only take away strength and energy, but also attack the potential danger in the forest.

2. Seek elevation

Find a small elevation and look around. Soberly assess the situation: first look for clearings, paths, power lines, etc.

3. Review the things you have with you

Survival in the forest largely depends on what you have with you. Therefore, take everything out of your pockets, backpack, bag and the like. Analyze what you really need. Take everything you need and leave the rest.

4. Make a decision

Think how many people know about your disappearance. Calm down your emotions and soberly assess the situation, decide how best to act.

5. Leave signs

If you decide to go and not wait for rescue, then leave any signs you can, thanks to which others will be able to understand exactly where you are going.

In no case do not panic if you get lost / Photo by Komkur

What to drink and eat in the forest

If you find yourself in the forest, then any water that you find must be filtered in any way. For example, a simple natural filter can be made from moss and coal, which will at least slightly purify the liquid and make it safer.

The most accessible food is the bark. However, if you get lost during the warm season, you can try looking for berries and mushrooms. But use only those options that you know for sure. Otherwise, you risk at least getting food poisoning.

Eat only those berries that you know for sure / Photo Son365.online

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Animal Protection

By his actions and cries, a person himself can provoke an animal to attack. Better stay away from burrows, lairs and lairs. If the animal nevertheless attacked, it is better to defend yourself with a hot branch or pepper spray.

Do not provoke animals to aggression / Photo by Pohod-lifehack

What to take with you to the forest

In order to avoid critical consequences in case you get lost, always take a number of things with you into the forest. In particular, be sure to take a knife. It is useful for obtaining food, and for making a fire, and for building temporary housing. In addition, bring a compass, first aid kit, a minimum set of products, and the like.

Always take a compass to the forest / Depositphotos Photos