Ideas 24 decided to find ways to help you have a cool and exciting winter break without breaking the law.

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If you are dreaming of a trip to a new country, have long planned to celebrate the New Year abroad, but all your plans have “failed”, go on a trip in a special way.

Read books or watch movies

It is very useful to read books and watch films that will “transfer” to a certain country, show customs, color, convey the atmosphere of the city and the country as a whole. It is better to choose local writers and directors. They are able to better describe all the features of the city and convey the mood.

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Choose the songs you listen to well

Music is the best way to convey emotions. Therefore, by choosing the appropriate track, you can mentally find yourself on the seashore, in a dense forest or even in the mountains.

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Drink special drinks

Almost every country is famous for its special drink. You can order something similar online or try to cook it yourself.

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Experiment in the kitchen

To see a new country, you need to try national dishes. Having a lot of free time, you can cook dishes that are popular in a particular territory.

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Play games

You can plunge into the flavor of a certain country by playing special games. The most affordable option is desktops.

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Now on the Internet it is possible to visit not only museums, but even restaurants or sights of each country. Virtual travel is a good way not to feel lonely.

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Learn a new language

Learn the language that is the state language in the country you want to travel to. So you can feel like you are in another place on the planet.

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For many of us, a trip is not complete without buying souvenirs. That is why, having acquired a small “trifle”, we will partially go to a certain country.

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