What is snood

Snood is a type of scarf knitted in a circle. It can be made in the form of a clamp or a pipe. It has no beginning and end, which is why in English-speaking countries the snood is called the “endless scarf”.

Due to its convenience and versatility, this accessory has gained great popularity. It does not need to be tied for a long time, and it can also replace a hat or hood. Snood is not only practical, but also an original element of the wardrobe.

If you are bored with classic scarves, try buying this version of the accessory. A well-chosen snood will perfectly complement the image and will look stylish.

How to choose a snood

To buy an accessory that will not lose its relevance and fit into your wardrobe, pay attention to the following characteristics.


Snoods are most often made from wool, cashmere, cotton and synthetic fibers. Each of the options has its own characteristics, so decide what is more important to you: cost, warmth or appearance.

  • Cashmere and wool. Such snoods retain heat best and are pleasant to the touch. Their main drawback is their high price. More things from these materials, most likely, will have to be washed by hand: there is a high risk of spoiling them in the washing machine.
  • Cotton. This material is versatile and easy to care for. Lightweight and breathable scarves made of thin fabric are perfect for spring and early autumn. And dense knitted snoods made of cotton yarn can be worn in the cold. They warm a little worse than wool, but at the same time they cost less and are unlikely to shrink when washed.
  • Acrylic and other synthetic fabrics. These products are inexpensive, soft and unpretentious in care. But on the other hand, they practically do not heat and poorly remove moisture. So, in the cold they will be very uncomfortable.
  • Blended yarn. For its production, natural and synthetic fibers are combined. With the right proportions, things made from such fabrics combine the advantages of various materials. For example, a small amount of acrylic threads makes wool smoother and more resistant to stretching. If you decide to take a snood from mixed yarn, make sure that natural materials predominate in its composition.

What to buy


Snood, like any scarf, is located near the face, so keep your color type in mind when buying. Muted, pastel shades are best suited for fair skin and hair. And on swarthy brunettes, brighter accessories look good.

Do not forget about the color of the coat or jacket that you match with the snood. Their shades should be combined. To do this, it is easiest to purchase things in the same range. But contrasting complementary colors will also look harmonious. These are on opposite sides of the spectrum:

How to wear snood: complementary colors
Illustration: Sandy Storm / Shutterstock

If all these nuances make your head spin, choose a neutral color snood. Gray, milky, beige, brown and black will suit any type of appearance and will look good with almost any outerwear.

Set aside models with prints and decorations like fringe and sequins. Such scarves quickly lose their relevance, and it is difficult to combine them with other things.

What to buy

Length and volume

The size of the snood should be chosen taking into account your complexion. Several layers of a voluminous scarf will make a miniature figure disproportionate. And thin and shapeless snoods will look just as strange with high growth and broad shoulders.

If you plan to tie a snood in different ways, choose one that is easy to wrap around your neck twice. With it, you can come up with the most options. Make sure the scarf isn’t too tight, but doesn’t hang down to the knees either.

How to wear snood

A scarf collar can be tied in dozens of ways. Try one of these options.

1. One turn

How to wear snood: in one turn
Photo: Aksana Lebedz / Shutterstock

The most obvious way to wear not very long snoods: just put your head through it and spread it on your chest. The vertical that the accessory creates will visually stretch the silhouette.

Snood worn in this way will look best with classic coats and trench coats with V-necks. To make the image more interesting and at the same time wrap your neck better, grab a scarf with a brooch.

2. Like a hood

Snood like a hood
Photo: Artzzz / Depositphotos

Another very simple option. Put on the snood in the same way as in the first method, but do not lower the upper edge behind the neck, but cover your head with it. If the scarf is wide, fold it around the perimeter. Such a snood hood can be worn instead of a hat and not be afraid that it will ruin your styling.

3. Two turns

How to wear snood: two turns
Photo: klyots / Depositphotos

To put on a snood in two turns, stick your head into it. Stretch the hanging part in front of you and roll into a figure eight. Throw the bottom loop around your neck and straighten the scarf. You can give the loops equal length. But if you want to lighten the area of ​​​​the neck and shoulders and seem a little higher, pull one of the elements forward.

This method is especially good to combine snood with a down jacket. Wear a scarf under a jacket with a loose collar. If it is narrow, tie a snood over the hood. In this case, if possible, remove the fur edge from the last one so as not to overload the portrait area.

4. Like a hood

Snood like a bonnet
Photo: klyots / Depositphotos

This method is similar to the previous one, but helps to protect your head more reliably from the wind. Fold the snood into a figure eight. Pass your head through one loop, and cover the other from above like a hood. So the accessory will replace both your scarf and hat. The most successful in the form of a hood look bulky knitted snoods made of wool.

5. On the chest over outerwear

This method will make the image fresh and stylish. Put on a snood like an award ribbon: one part of it will cover the shoulder, and the other (depending on the length) will be at the hip or waist, forming a diagonal.

Use flamboyant scarves in fur, prints or block colors to transform and warm up minimalist trench coats and soothing coats.

If the accessory is voluminous, intercept it with a thin belt from above to emphasize the waist. And in a similar way, you can wear ordinary long scarves and silk scarves, simply by tying their ends.

6. On the shoulders

How to wear snood on the shoulders
Frames: CHIQBELLE / YouTube

A long knitted or knitted snood can be turned into a kind of shawl or cape. To do this, put your hands behind your back and thread them into the scarf. Straighten the snood on your shoulders. This cape is best worn with sweaters and jumpers in similar shades.

7. Like a vest

Snood can be worn as a vest
Footage: naohms / YouTube

The scarf can easily be turned into a vest. To do this, put your head in a snood and lower it to waist level. Pull the free part of the scarf forward and cross the fabrics. Throw the resulting loop around your neck and spread the scarf over your chest.

Try wearing snoods with textured knit like this. They go well with basic long-sleeved shirts and turtlenecks. If the scarf is wide enough, you can even wear it on your naked body as a top.

8. Like a turban

Snood can be worn as a turban
Stills: Roni B / YouTube

Put your hair in a high bun. Pull your head through the scarf and pull it tight at the back to gather your hair. Wrap the snood tightly around your head several times, gently crossing it at the forehead and back of the head. Carefully tuck the rest or tie it in a knot, hide the protruding parts. In such an original way, it is better to wear thin and bright cotton snoods.