Ideas 24 have prepared common hygiene rules, the harm from which has been scientifically proven.

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1. Using an electric dryer

It is a mistake to think that the hot air in the dryers that hang in the bathrooms of shopping centers effectively cope with bacteria. In addition, such devices carry the remains of bacteria throughout the room with a stream of air. Better use paper towels next time.

Better let your hands dry on their own / Photo by pixabay

2. Frequent showering

Hot water, along with various gels, washes away the protective fatty layer from the skin, which protects against various infections. Therefore, you do not need to take a shower several times a day. At the same time, the time spent in the shower should also be reduced.

Perhaps it is better to reduce the number of showers / Photo pixabay

3. Frequent peeling

By “polishing” the body, we remove the protective layer from the skin, the frequent removal of which can adversely affect health. Peeling is best done no more than twice a week.

Think if it’s worth / Photo by pixabay

4. Ear cleaning

Do not try too hard with a cotton swab, trying to clean out all the earwax – this can damage the eardrum. Our body itself does an excellent job of cleaning the ear canals. And the ears are covered with sulfur because it is a natural lubricant and protective agent.

When cleaning your ears, be very careful / Photo by pixabay