There is an unusual disease due to which an excess amount of alcohol is released in the human body. This was stated by nutritionist-endocrinologist Alena Barredo. The rare disease is called brewery syndrome, she says.

“A large number of fungi from the genus Saccharomycetes appear, these fungi process carbohydrate foods (bread or certain vegetables) into ethanol. That is, alcohol. At the same time, liver function in such patients is reduced, so the processing of alcohol is slower and worse, ” — she said in an interview with we.

Barredo noted that in addition to its normal mission, the detox function of the liver is disrupted, which is why patients with brewery syndrome feel tired and lethargic, characteristic of a hangover. Another person with this disease suffers from bloating and is often in an irritable state.

“The treatment for this disease is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed. This is to remove all sweets, flour, starch, potatoes and root vegetables. Work with the normal gut flora, repopulate the good gut microbiota, and reduce these fungi.” said a nutritionist-endocrinologist.

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