The editors of Channel 24 have collected the most creative and useful gifts that can please children.

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Creative Gift Ideas

Creativity set

Drawing, modeling or embroidery – a lot of offers for every taste and preference. It all depends on what the child is interested in.

In stores you can buy kits for making soap, perfume or clay modeling. In addition, there are also educational ones, for example, a set of a chemist or an archaeologist.

Set for creativity – will develop the child’s abilities / Photo by pexels

Christmas themed clothing

Children usually love something bright and with interesting patterns. It could be a sweater or socks. In this case, the main thing is to guess with the size.

New Year’s warm socks / Photo dyvys.info

Skates, sleds or skis

Winter sports equipment is the best gift for very mobile children. The only downside is their cost.

Skates are also a cool gift / Photo by pexels

handmade toys

If you want to choose a gift with good energy, you can buy or make a toy yourself. Today knitted or felted toys are very popular. Note that for young children, you should choose knitted toys that are made from hypoallergenic threads.

Handmade toys will be a nice gift for a child./ Photo pexels

Sweets set

All children love sweets, so you can make a set of different sweets and fruits yourself.

The set can be packed in a festive box / Photo pexels


Books are a wonderful gift for both children and adults. Take an interest in what the child reads, perhaps he already has a favorite author.

Such a gift will be valuable for teenagers.

For younger children, it would be appropriate to give interesting adventure tales. / Photo pexels

Certificate for the realization of a dream

This is one of the best options if you know what the child dreams of. Thanks to the Internet, you can purchase a certificate for an interesting photo session, various master classes, and even a horseback ride.

The best gift is impressions / Photo by pexels

What is known about Saint Nicholas Day?

On this day, the memory of St. Nicholas is venerated. Catholics celebrate this holiday on December 6, and Orthodox – on December 19.
Saint Nicholas was a rich man, so he always helped those in need. In Ukraine, the tradition of giving gifts on this day is being revived. Many charitable events are also held on this day.