To make snowflakes, you can purchase special paper and a quilling tool. We will show you how to make all the details from plain paper.

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Step 1: what you need

  • sheet of white A4 paper;
  • quilling tool;
  • white glue and brush;
  • scissors or stationery knife;
  • pencil;
  • ruler.

Step 2: make stripes

The first thing you need to do is to cut a piece of paper into strips. The strips should be 0.5 centimeters long and the length of the long side of the sheet of paper.

It is very important to make all the strips the same width, so use a ruler and a pencil. When you are done making all your strips, cut them.

Making stripes / Collage 24 channels

Step 3: First Coils

Take one strip and insert one of its ends into your quilling tool. Start rotating the tool, making sure the paper is snug, and keep rotating until you reach the other end of the strip.

When you’ve done this, remove the roll of paper from the tool and glue the end to secure it.

Your first reel is ready! This will be the center of the snowflake.

First reels / Collage 24 channels

Step 4: Teardrop Coils

Now you need to make another such coil. But before sticking it, release the spool a bit between your fingers so it won’t be as longing as the first one. Fix with glue.

Then press down on one side with your thumb and forefinger to create a teardrop shape. Now make 5 more tears for a total of 6.

Glue the tip of the tears around the first spool you made. You will receive something that looks like a flower.

Coils in the form of tears / Collage 24 channels

Step 5: eye shaped coils

Make 6 more free coils, but they will have a different shape. Instead of pressing the coil from only one side, you should do it from both sides and at the same time.

Make 6 of these eyes and glue them between the petals of the “flower” you made earlier.
Always look at the photos to understand how it should be.

Quilling with children / Collage 24 channels

Step 6: small coils

Now cut 3 strips in half to get 6 strips. From these short strips you should make 6 tight coils, just like the first one you made. The only difference is that they will be smaller.

Glue them on the “tears”. Your snowflake is ready!

The final touch – small coils / Collage 24 channels