How apple cider vinegar helps to quickly get rid of a cold told the portal Sibkrai.ru. It is emphasized that when using apple cider vinegar, vitamin C and probiotics help, which is important for a speedy recovery. They are a key component in strengthening our immunity. It is especially good if the vinegar is unfiltered, as it will have the highest probiotic content.

It also thins mucus, relaxing the airways and destroying viruses. This problem often accompanies a cold. Vinegar will destroy the microorganisms that cause the disease and make breathing easier.

Experts note that warm water with apple cider vinegar should be prepared several times a day, namely two or three times to drink the mixture. In addition, it is recommended to gargle with it. For this, a 1:1 ratio is used. After the procedure, it is important to rinse your teeth with water. It is repeated until the sore throat goes away. Among other things, it is useful to inhale the smell of apple cider vinegar. It is necessary to moisten a clean piece of cloth in it and attach it to the chest.

“Inhale slowly. If a lot of mucus has accumulated in the respiratory system, this method can successfully replace inhalations over steam due to the strong smell of vinegar. the authors recommended.

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