Ideas 24 will dispel 10 popular myths that even adults believe are true.

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1. Worms

There is an opinion that if you cut the body of the worm into several parts, then all of them will survive. Actually it is not. Only one part will survive – the front.

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2. The history of spaghetti

Many people think that spaghetti is an Italian dish. However, the main ingredient was brought by Marco Polo from China, and the Romans spread it first in their own country, and then throughout the world.

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3. Baking

It has been scientifically proven that the fact that you laugh or talk loudly while kneading the dough does not affect the quality of the dough and baking in general. This is a myth, because sound does not affect the chemical processes of the test.

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4. Hydrogen peroxide

The popular solution is still considered a disinfectant. However, peroxide on its own (3%) has about the same disinfecting effect as plain water. In order for it to fulfill its fictional function, the solution must be more concentric (30%). But in this case, it will definitely cause burns.

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5. Wedding ring

It is customary to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger of the hand due to the fact that this finger has a vein that leads to the heart. In fact, every finger has such a vein. Therefore, even symbolically, rings can be worn as you like.

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6. Peanuts

We all think of peanuts as a nut. But peanuts are actually legumes. Yes, it is called a peanut, but this is only due to the way the fruit ripens. By the way, pistachios, cashews and almonds are generally seeds.


7. Caesar salad

The dish got its name not because of Julius Caesar, as many people think, but because of the Italian tavern maker Caesar Cardini. It happened in 1934.

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8. Raven and crow

These are not spouse birds and not synonymous names, but completely different birds. The crow has a light color and a smaller body, while the raven is completely black and somewhat larger.

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9. “Light as a cloud”

It is absurd to make comparisons of things with clouds. After all, they consist of tiny water droplets, the total weight of which reaches 500 tons.

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10. Coffee Addiction

It is erroneously believed that caffeine can be as addictive as drugs. Actually this is a myth. Coffee can be addictive, but not much. The so-called “breaking” will last a maximum of two days.

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