We made a selection of creative ideas on how to recycle old dishes. You will definitely want to repeat this.

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What to do with old dishes


If you accidentally break a lot of plates, do not rush to get upset. It is easy to make an original mosaic from damaged dishes, which can be used to decorate a table, chest of drawers or other furniture. Grind large pieces of ceramics and lay out a pattern from the shreds.

You can decorate the table with old plates / Photo Pinterest

What a beautiful tray / Pinterest photo

Desk lamp

You will be surprised, but an old service can be easily turned into a stylish one. table lamp. You can experiment with different colors, ornaments and shapes: your creativity will not be superfluous.

Original desk lamp / Pinterest photo

Creative use of old dishes / Pinterest photo

How do you like this lamp / Photo Pinterest

New crockery

From the old service you can create a new one crockery, which you have been missing for a long time. For example, plates and mugs make a wonderful stand for sweets.

Stand for sweets with mugs and saucers / Photo by Pinterest

And it looks like a real work of art / Photo Pinterest


A candle with an original stand will help to add coziness and a special atmosphere to a festive dinner. Creating a candlestick is very easy. This will not take much effort and time, just pick up old ceramic products, glue them together if necessary and use.

Add cozy dinner with candles / Pinterest photo

How to easily make a candlestick / Photo Pinterest

Ceramic original candlesticks that will decorate your home / Photo Pinterest

Stylish decorations

Accessories will help to complement a stylish dress or blouse. They are easy to make from old dishes. Therefore, if you accidentally break a mug or plate, choose large fragments and get creative. The result will definitely surprise you.

What stylish earrings came out of an old plate / Pinterest photo

And this necklace will complement any image / Photo Pinterest

Kitchen Organizers

To conveniently organize the space in the kitchen, it is not necessary to buy special coasters for cutlery and dishes. You can make them yourself. Use forks and spoons instead of hooks and drawer handles. And the old mugs will serve wonderful base for cutlery or stylish flowerpots.

Original handles for kitchen drawers / Pinterest photo

Old metal mugs can be turned into a handy organizer / Photo Pinterest

How do you like this idea / Photo Pinterest

This pot is perfect for the kitchen / Photo Pinterest

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Stand for decoration

Creating a separate stylish place for jewelry is very easy. Attach old plates to mugs, and your bracelets and earrings will always be in order.

Instead of caskets for decorations – old cups and plates / Photo Pinterest

How do you like this organizer / Photo Pinterest

Looks very elegant and creative / Photo Pinterest