Sharp objects that enter the stomach can cause complications and pain. Gastroenterologist Marat Zinnatullin spoke about this in an exclusive conversation with we. The specialist emphasized that the clinical picture depends on the shape of the object and the place in the body where it is located.

“Sharp objects – a fish bone, a nail, a screw, a paper clip can get stuck, sticking into the wall of the stomach, causing sharp changes. First of all, it is a pain syndrome, and sometimes there are complications – perforation (the appearance of a through defect in the wall of the stomach or duodenum and the subsequent outflow of contents into the abdominal cavity, – Approx. ed.) with the development of peritonitis “Zinnatullin said.

The doctor added that in such cases it is necessary to carry out diagnostics, which consists in interviewing the patient and conducting a series of studies, including x-rays, to determine where the foreign body is located.

“If it is a small smooth object, then the prognosis is absolutely favorable – it will come out naturally. Acute ones can also come out on their own, but in some cases surgical treatment is required.the doctor concluded.

Before that, it became known that actress Ekaterina Semenova mistakenly cut the intestines. According to her, at the buffet table she ate a sandwich and choked on a fish bone. The actress cleared her throat and decided that everything was in order. Then at night she was in pain. The case consisted in mechanical damage to the intestinal wall, which quickly recovered. The doctors thought it was an ulcer.

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